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How to Write a Products Report in PeopleSoft DotActiv

Before you begin writing your products report, think about the purpose for the report. Is it for internal use, such as marketing? Or is it for..

Before you begin writing your products report, think about the purpose for the report. Is it for internal use, such as marketing? Or is it for external audiences? The following tips should help you craft a great product report. In addition to answering your audience's questions, these reports should include the following data:

Product availability report

The DotActiv software includes a feature called Product Availability Report that summarises the quantity of stock in each category and store. This report is beneficial for replenishment and forecasting. The report is part of the Advanced section, which includes reporting functions that use a database. Before using this report, however, make sure you're logged in. After that, the Availability Report tab will display a table of data and label options for selected products.

The product availability report includes information about how long the item has been on hand. It will tell you how many items are in stock and what percentage of those stocks is available in the Open Market. The availability report also shows future inventory and on hand inventory. Detailed information can be found in the Viewing Product Availability page. In addition, the Product Availability report will give you a clear picture of your overall inventory. This report is especially helpful if you want to know how many of a certain item you have on hand and whether you have enough to sell.

The Product Availability report also gives you an idea of the number of days a certain item is out of stock. This is a helpful metric because it gives a more accurate picture of when a product is out of stock. Often, stockouts result in lost sales. In addition to reduced sales, customers become dissatisfied and may not return to your store. The out-of-stock rate can have negative implications for your business, including customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Revenue report

A revenue report for products includes the name, color, size, barcode, and quantity of each product sold, as well as its cash equivalent, non-cash equivalent, and subcategories. You can also choose to see revenue only for specific clients or business locations, as well as sales from online stores. A revenue report for products can help you monitor your business's performance and improve your customer service. Using this report is a great way to find out exactly how much each product sold for your store.

The Revenue report can include Gift Certificate usage. Void bookings only appear if the payment was made using a POS system. Once the payment has expired, the Revenue report deletes it from the sales data. The default date range for a Revenue report is the last 12 months. If you need a different date range, simply choose the Date drop-down. It will automatically default to the last 12 months, but you can also specify a date range by clicking on the corresponding date range.

When generating a revenue report for products, you can select different views for different periods. One view displays a single month's revenue for the month and the other shows the same data over a year. For example, if you want to see the revenue for all products during a specific month, you can use the monthly chart to display net revenue. A daily chart displays revenue from each product, including both sales and deferred revenue.

Transactions report

The Transactions report for products can be customized with the help of the parameters provided in the menu bar. The date range that you choose can be today, yesterday, the past week, the past month, or the last thirty days. You can also filter the results by currency and payment type, such as Visa, MasterCard, or gift certificate. This report also includes a search field that lets you narrow your choices by Staff member. It is a good idea to use this feature if you are managing the accounts of multiple staff members.

This report shows all the transactions that occurred for a specific order. If you choose the Sales Overview report, it will show all the transactions that took place within a certain period of time. Note that the invoice totals will vary if the credit note date falls outside of the time frame. The total of credit notes will be included in the total on the report, so you should be aware of this before selecting a date range for this report.

The Transactions report for products includes the name of the sales channel and the sales app. It also shows the total amount of sales and fees between the latest settlement date and the previous day. When you export the transaction report, you can also enter the file name you wish to save it in. The file name is the default for the report, but you can edit it. It also gives you a list of all the customers that purchased your product.

Voucher liability report

The Voucher liability report contains information about the liability balance of prepaid vouchers. It also shows the number of vouchers that have not been posted or paid. This information is not recorded in the PeopleSoft General Ledger. A report also includes vouchers that have been paid but not fully applied. In this case, the value of the voucher is negative. This is useful for evaluating cash flow. It helps you track the progress of vouchers by date and by amount.

The Voucher Liability Report of a company's Sports Pool will provide a clear picture of its total unredeemed vouchers as of the Closing Date. In addition, the report will include a schedule of the amounts paid by the Company during the first year after Closing. The Voucher Liability Report is a vital tool in evaluating the financial responsibility of a business. But there are a lot of things to consider when running a successful business.

The journal voucher document number has to contain the letter E in the last position. The document number must be greater than the transaction date. Each line also shows debit and credit amounts. To get a clear picture of the liability, you have to use a report that displays all of the vouchers in the accounting cycle. The Voucher Liability Report of a Business is essential for tracking payments for employees. But before you can create a report that will accurately reflect these details, you need to determine the number of payroll documents you need to process.

Product downloads report

If you have ever wished to know the number of downloads of your product, you can access the Downloads Report. This report displays all the downloads for the product in a specified time period, or date range. The list includes the product's name, download link, and SKU, as well as the number of purchases and downloads. This report can also be exported to Excel for further analysis. Here are some of the ways to export the Downloads Report:

The first step in running the report is to create the table and filter it for your desired time range. To do this, open the 'Downloads' admin page. You will find a meta box that includes a link to View Detailed Earnings Report. This link opens the Reports section of the product downloads report. Once in the report, you can filter the results by product ID and date range. Click the "Downloads" tab to see the downloads by date range.

Product sales report

A product sales report can help you see which products are selling well and which aren't. You can filter the report by item, date range, staff, and more. The Product Sales Report can also help you see gross profit or the percentage of discountable products in the business. You can even use this report to calculate your commissions. In this article, we'll look at the basics of Product Sales Reports. After all, these reports are a critical tool for any retail business.

A product sales report is the most detailed of all sales reports. It lists the products that a client has purchased and includes the quantity sold, total revenue, and any discounts received. You can also filter by date, teams, groups, or specific users. Whether you're looking to view sales report data on a particular product or brand, a product sales report can help you decide which products and services are worth pursuing. And while it might seem intimidating, it's worth the effort.

Once you've chosen the right type of report, you'll need to select the start and end dates for your report. This will allow you to determine the number of sales per day, month, or year. Alternatively, you can use a filtered list that shows you how many times a product was sold and how much it cost to ship. Once you have found the right group, you can then view a detailed breakdown of the sales by product.